As stated on the home page, this site is primarily a collection of my recipes I put on-line to share with anyone interested. It is also a project that allows me to get away from my paper based collection and make these recipes available to me wherever I may be at any given time, including my kitchen, smartphone in hand or laptop on the counter 🙂

I am first and foremost an artist and if you wish to have a look into that side of my existence, check out my artist website at https://www.brunocantieni.com/.
And now for some background on my culinary endeavours…

My interests are varied but this blog is dedicated primarily to my interests in fine cuisine, wines, spirits, travel, destinations, lifestyle and automobiles etc. Gourmet cooking, executive cuisine & fine wines have been a life long passion for me. Having been born, raised and largely educated in picturesque Switzerland, I was exposed to exclusive international cuisine early on. Dining in some of the finest Hotels of St. Moritz, Davos, Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, Lugano and Gstaad during skiing trips or vacations has spoiled my palate forever. Working as a youth in the vineyards of Meilen, my place of birth on the north shores of lake Zurich, as well as working in other nearby estates, I learned much of what I know of the business of growing and cultivating fine wines including such gems as “Gruvee’s” (Grüner Veltliner), when these would not even be known in the North Americas for many more years. My obligatory time served in the Swiss army provided me with the knowledge and logistics in the procuring of supplies, the cooking and the feeding of large numbers of hungry folks. Traveling all over Europe, I have had the opportunity to indulge in an extensive variety of national, international, ethnic and regional culinary treats of which to this day the foods of northern Italy hold a special place in my repertoire of everyday cooking. The passion continues after landing in Canada and has never left me to this day. The North American continent provided for new and fresh tastes and teasers of the palate. From the rustic to elegant seafood’s of the coastal areas of the Atlantic and the Pacific to the varied ethnic cuisines of Canada, a country that embraces multiculturalism, to those of the Latin Americas and the special flavors of the Island kitchens. The Executive Cuisine of the finest hotels all over the world and the acquaintance of many star Executive Chefs continue to influence my own trends in food preparation, cooking and presentation. I’m sure you will enjoy the articles, recipes, photos and anecdotes that will be presented here in these pages.
Bruno Cantieni

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