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Please bear with me while I revamp this site.

You will be seeing a more logical structure and mostly, you will see a lot more of my personal winetasting notes, short essays and my usual opinionated rants.

In the meantime you can pretty much ignore what’s online while I’m doing some conceptual testing.

Of course, if you want to buy one of my domains, please go ahead and make an offer. It helps me pay for my tuiton 🙂

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Your Zen Invitation to the HighFields Country Inn & Spa

On June 20th, 21st and 22nd as well as June 27th, 28th and 29th Julie Moore of Julie Moore Spa and renowned Zen Massage Therapist will be at HighFields Country Inn and Spa, In Zephyr just outside of Uxbridge, Ontario. This beautiful 175 acre private country landscape is yours to enjoy and is ripe with activities including; Golf, Tennis, Hiking, Outdoor pool, Spa suites and so much more. There are also Spa therapies and a restaurant all on the same property.

On these special dates Julie Moore will be at HighFields Country Inn and Spa teaching classes. She will be teaching Qi Gong, Zen meditation and Meridian stretching. Qi gong is a form of Tai chi, a martial art, and focuses on breathing and muscle relaxation and the centring of your energy (or Qi). It is meant to balance the yin and yang of your Qi to allow you to feel refreshed and most importantly relaxed. Zen meditation is primarily a breathing exercise to allow you get in touch with your inner thoughts and become one with yourself. Meridian stretching focuses on the lines of energy situated in your body.

For the full story please visit 

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The Zen Gourmand’s Wine Club in SNAP Whitby

The June issue of SNAP Whitby is now out and the premiere wine tasting event of The Zen Gourmand’s Wine Club is prominently featured on page 5!

SNAP is a free publication covering local events, life and entertainment.
You can pick it up at various locations around Whitby such as retailers, banks, newsstands, GO train, Library etc.

To help us promote the wine club, go pick up a bunch of them and distribute them to your friends. Then send them to the website to sign up for the club!


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May 31st – Spanish Tasting Menu paired with the Wines of Spain

Enjoy an evening of Spanish food paired with the Wines of Spain and guided by Bruno Cantieni in the capacity of acting Sommelier and Zen Gourmand! This event takes place at the fabulous La Vie Restaurant located in the rolling hills just north of Uxbridge at the Highfields Country Inn and Spa. Chefs Christine and Jeremy will prepare an exquisite 5 course extravaganza starting with Tapas and Cava for Hors d’hoeuvres followed by four courses of Spanish delicacies and a 5th course consisting of a selection of fine cheeses to complete the dinner.

For full details and reservations call La Vie at 905.473.6621 or visit their website at to book your reservation online!

There are only a few seats left for this event, so please act quickly to secure your reservation.

Reception from 6 – 7 PM
Dinner starting at 7 PM

See you there!

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The Zen Gourmand’s Television Debut

On Thursday, May 22nd, the Zen Gourmand made his first televison appearance on “Daytime Durham”. This show is produced by Rogers TV and hosted by Kasia Bodurka and Jim Bamboulis.

The invitation to make an appearance came as a result of contacting Rogers TV regarding the Zen Gourmand’s Wine Club and the club’s premiere wine tasting event held May 10th.

On the show I talked about the Zen Gourmand and the various services provided, the upcomiing product launch and, of course, about the wine club. While chating with the hosts, I prepared one of the Zen Gourmand signature desserts, the “Vanilla Sunshine”. Clients of the Julie Moore Spa for whch it was originally developed should be well familiar with it.

The Zen Gourmand on Daytime Durham If you missed the show on May 22nd, do not despair!

You can check it out by clicking here.

The Zen Gourmand on Daytime Durham
with Kasia Bodurka and Jim Bamboulis

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The Zen Gourmand Product Line

The Zen Gourmand has been messing around in the Kitchen developing some of the popular items usually exclusively produced for Spa clients of Julie Moore Spa and is now making them available to the general public under the Zen Gourmand label. Biscotti right out of the oven

I’m offering you a preview of two of the products and I am taking orders for these at this time. Just call or email me for the time being. The on-line store will go live in approximately 2 weeks.

These items make excellent gifts both personal and corporate. For corporate gifting, lables and tags can be customized with your business logo and special message!

Biscotti and Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes

Red Wine and Herb infused Sun Dried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is a truly Super Premium Gourmet Food item. Top quality Sun Dried Tomatoes and a secret blend of fresh herbs are simmered in Red Wine and subsequently aged for a minimum of 2 weeks with additional herbs, spices and garlick in Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

These marinated sun dried tomatoes are exquisite on their own, as a finishing touch on a variety of pastas or salads, on tapas and appetizers or in marinades to suggest just a few uses.

Red Wine and Herbs infused Sun Dried Tomatoes

250 ml jar as shown, $15


These incredibly delicious biscotti will leave you craving for more and belive me if I say “One is never enough”! Availble in a wide variety, options and packaging choices.

  • Cherry – Hazelnut
  • Vanilla Tradizione
  • Chocolate – Espresso
  • Chocolate – Almond
  • Rosemary – Pecan
  • Romano – Sesame – Pine Nuts

Where appropriate, specify white or dark chocolate dipped as an option.

Six Biscotti Gift Wrapped

Six Biscotti, elegantly Cello wrapped, from $12

Biscotti in Tin

Biscotti Tin, 240g approx., from $20

Single Biscotti

Individually wrapped Biscotti, from $2, exclusively available at Julie Moore Spa

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The Wine Club’s first event – a smashing success!

On May 10th, the Zen Gourmand’s Wine Club held it’s premiere winetasting event.

We had a terrific turnout and all the people who attended had a terrific evening of winetasting, learning and networking. All the wines tasted (see the club link for details) were fabulous although there was a clear favorite among the reds (Farnese, 2005 Edizione Cinque Autoctoni) while the group was split on the whites (Pinot Grigio vs. Sauv. Blanc). Below are some preliminary photos of the event.

Thanks again to our sponsors, The Profile Wine Group for supplying the wines, Julie Moore Spa for the rentals of glass ware etc. and a big resounding ‘Thank You” to Angelina and Ken for letting us host the event in their fabulous home.

Bruno Cantieni and Ruben Elmer introducing wines. Club Members tasting wine Bruno Cantieni on Wine Tasting 101

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Wine Club News – Wine Tasting Event Update

The premiere Wine Tasting Event of the Zen Gourmand’s Wine Club is rapidly approaching and I’m releasing this update along with the additional details and wine selections today.

The event will take place on Saturday, May 10th, 2008, starting at 7 PM and will be held at a private residence in Courtice (RSVP for details).red_wine_pour3.jpg

This premiere event will be free of charge!
We will be tasting 6 wines in total, 2 whites and 4 reds.
These wines will be supplied by our good friends at the Profile Wine Group and both Ruben Elmer (Key Account Manager, Sommelier) and Allan Leal (Private Client Sales) will be present to talk about these marvelous wines.
These wines have been selected to expose you to a broad range of tastes, styles and terroirs. They have also been chosen with warmer weather, backyard BBQ’s, pools and patio entertaining in mind. You will be thrilled!
You will also be offered an opportunity to order the wines we are tasting for you private enjoyment.

Cantina Produttori Cormons, 2006 Pinot Grigio Isonzo, Friuli Isonzo Doc, Italy
“Clean and accessible, aromas include, lemon, apple and floral notes which come in at good itensity. A mix of citrus and mineral flavours with slightly oily and chalky texture.”

Rowi, 2006 Sauvignon Blanc, Wairau River. Marlborough, New Zealand
“Lifted aromas of passionfruit and gooseberry abound in this vibrant, lively wine, which balances the freshness of melon and lime with rich, ripe tropical fruit on the palate and a lingering finish.”

Casa Vinicola G. Cesari, 2005 Ripasso Valpolicella, Classico, Bosan, Italy
“The predominant cherry bouquet overlaps with pleasant hints of cocoa, tobacco and vanilla. It has an intense purple red colour with strong, soft and velvety body.”

Farnese, 2005 Edizione Cinque Autoctoni, Estate Blend, Italy
“Strong garnet red colour, intense and persistent with aroma of cherries, prunes, ripe black currant, tobacco and a toasted final note. Full-bodied, soft, rich in tannin, very persistent, long at the end with spicy notes of vanilla and chocolate.”

Coriole Vineyards, 2005 Shiraz, McLaren Vale, Australia
“Subtle aromas of dark fruits and spice. The cooler vintage of 2005 is reflected on the palate, with tight acid and fine grained savoury tannins that combine with dark berries and subtle notes of earthy, peppery characters.”

Chateau Teyssier, 2004 St. Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux, Frnace
“Bright ruby-red. Black cherry, violet, licorice, menthol and smoke on the nose. Sweet and primary, with blackberry, licorice and mint flavors.”

Please note:
You do not need to be a registerd member of the Wine Club in order to attend, however

This Event is RSVP

white_wine_pour2.jpgso please confirm your attendance ASAP via email to or to or pick up the phone and call (leave a message if necessary).

 For general information on the wine club, check the Wine Club link
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me or call.

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“Budoshu Enso” – or – The Zen Gourmand’s “Wine Circle”

Budoshu is Japanese for “wine” or more specifically “grape liqueur”.
Enso is the Japanese word for “circle” but in the context of Zen, symbolizing enlightenment.

All that said, I’m inviting you to become a member of the “Enlightened Wine Circle”, an informal wine tasting/buying club of the most unique kind and by far the best wine club in all of Durham region.
Be part of a group of like-minded individuals who will get together once a month to taste a fine selection of wines in an environment of shared interest, professional guidance, advice and tutoring.
Get exposed to fine wines from around the world that are not available from the LCBO’s general list or even from VINTAGES!Experience wines in vertical and horizontal flight formats.
Taste wines you might never try on your own for any number of reasons.
Some of the themes I am working on are:

  • Organic and Biodynamically grown wines
  • New Generation Wines of Switzerland
  • Superb Rieslings of Germany
  • The top vintages of Tuscany
  • Châteaux shootout
  • Super Premium Cabs from around the Globe
  • Rare Viogniers
  • Wine Gems of Eastern Europe
  • and many more….

To join our group, please register ASAP.
There is no membership fee providing you join before September 30, 2008.
Membership after that will be a nominal $50 per annum.
Each tasting event will be by RSVP or event registration only.
Our premier event will be free of charge!
Subsequent events may be subject to an event fee that will be determined by the cost of the wines selected plus any incidental or auxiliary costs (facilities and stemware rentals etc.), prorated by the number of participants.
Any such fees are expected to range from $25 – $60.

At each event you will be able to order any of the wines tasted in case quantities (cases are typically 12 bottles, sometimes 6).
Splitting cases among members allowed.
Members may bring bottles from their own collections for tastings, however they will not be compensated for the wine 🙂

To sign up or for more information please contact me via email at or simply fill in the REGISTRATION FORM FOUND HERE.

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