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Why gas cooktops are not my choice…

I have to admit that when we renovated our kitchen this spring, and let’s just brag a bit here, we’re talking Scavolini (the “LiberaMente” line), I was completely set on getting a gas fired cook top.
Why? Ahem… it sounds professional, everybody else doing a high end kitchen reno puts one in, pro chefs swear by it *, it’s trendy, cool, gotta have it…

There is just one really big problem with a gas cook top and the reason why I opted against one: You will spend as much time cleaning them as cooking on them.

Ok, stop the insanity and let’s just review a few things here. I have been exposed to, and used, all manor of cooking appliances over the years. Wood fired ones from way back when my grand father was still around or, for that matter, when one of my uncles, a priest, living with his house keeper in an antiquated clergy house was still getting his meals cooked on one of those. Electric ones, the standard North American ones that use snakes for heating elements and European ones that use actual solid cook plates. Ceramic ones using every combination of energy input imaginable. Gas fired ones in just about every other imaginable situation but, most frequently, in restaurant environments or then, in those snotty “wanna be cook” kitchens where the owner wouldn’t know the difference because she needs a recipe to boil water.

So, what else is there. Well, there are those “Induction” cook tops. Now let’s see.

  • These use technology from this century, called “induction” **, thumbs up!
  • These require special cookware, i.e. the frigg’n pots have to know where the magnetic North is located ***; thumbs down 🙁
  • The cook tops are “responsive” ****, i.e. react as fast as a gas one; thumbs up!!
  • These cook tops require next to zero maintenance; thumbs up x3 !!!

I’m a rather scientific person, at times, and I like to do my homework. I need to know what makes things tick or how shit works; call it anal – but that wouldn’t really be accurate, because I’m not.

To make a long story short, I (we) decided on going 21st century. So now the cook top is an AEG induction cook top (actually all our cooking appliances are AEG).

So far, I’m thrilled with the decision.

  • I can boil water so fast it makes  your tea say WTF!!!
  • I haven’t burned a meal yet.
  • I haven’t had to clean the top with anything but water and a dish towel in 9 month.
  • My pots and pans look as good as new every single day, and believe me, they get worked out daily more intense than a Gym Rat on a mission.

So now what’s with all those stars sprinkled throughout this post like fairy dust?

* Chef’s don’t swear by it; they swear about it.
** Induction is a technology using electricity to create a magnetic field which then… good grief, just Google it!

*** So if you did what I said, i.e. Google the ** star part, you would get this one, …jeeez.

**** Responsive. What part you don’t get? Don’t tell me you don’t know that it’s been a trend in web and mobile technology for quite some time. Meaning it responds instantly to your every desire – ok, ok, let’s not get carried away. It has now arrived in the kitchen; go figure. It means that your cook top will do what you tell it to do and so does your pot and the stuff in it! Like, pronto!

Anything else you want to know? Email me 😉

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