Your Zen Invitation to the HighFields Country Inn & Spa

On June 20th, 21st and 22nd as well as June 27th, 28th and 29th Julie Moore of Julie Moore Spa and renowned Zen Massage Therapist will be at HighFields Country Inn and Spa, In Zephyr just outside of Uxbridge, Ontario. This beautiful 175 acre private country landscape is yours to enjoy and is ripe with activities including; Golf, Tennis, Hiking, Outdoor pool, Spa suites and so much more. There are also Spa therapies and a restaurant all on the same property.

On these special dates Julie Moore will be at HighFields Country Inn and Spa teaching classes. She will be teaching Qi Gong, Zen meditation and Meridian stretching. Qi gong is a form of Tai chi, a martial art, and focuses on breathing and muscle relaxation and the centring of your energy (or Qi). It is meant to balance the yin and yang of your Qi to allow you to feel refreshed and most importantly relaxed. Zen meditation is primarily a breathing exercise to allow you get in touch with your inner thoughts and become one with yourself. Meridian stretching focuses on the lines of energy situated in your body.

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