Zen Gourmand Approved!

I’m launching a new feature called “Zen Gourmand Approved”.

This is where I review food related products, condiments, beverages, kitchen utensils and gadgets, cook books, services etc. etc.

If my review of the item or service in question results in getting me exited and exclaim a unequivocal “WOW!!!”, the item or service will receive the “Zen Gourmand Approved” stamp of approval.

What does that mean to you?
If you know me, you also know that I’m ruthless when it comes to things of taste, quality, usability, style and function. Getting labeled “Not another piece of crap from [company|country|supplier|store|]…!!!” is a lot more likely than receiving a “Zen Gourmand Approved”.

So there.
Keep watching.
And if you’ve got something that you think might get “Zen Gourmand Approved”, send it over and I’ll check it out.

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