The Zen Gourmand Product Line

The Zen Gourmand has been messing around in the Kitchen developing some of the popular items usually exclusively produced for Spa clients of Julie Moore Spa and is now making them available to the general public under the Zen Gourmand label. Biscotti right out of the oven

I’m offering you a preview of two of the products and I am taking orders for these at this time. Just call or email me for the time being. The on-line store will go live in approximately 2 weeks.

These items make excellent gifts both personal and corporate. For corporate gifting, lables and tags can be customized with your business logo and special message!

Biscotti and Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes

Red Wine and Herb infused Sun Dried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is a truly Super Premium Gourmet Food item. Top quality Sun Dried Tomatoes and a secret blend of fresh herbs are simmered in Red Wine and subsequently aged for a minimum of 2 weeks with additional herbs, spices and garlick in Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

These marinated sun dried tomatoes are exquisite on their own, as a finishing touch on a variety of pastas or salads, on tapas and appetizers or in marinades to suggest just a few uses.

Red Wine and Herbs infused Sun Dried Tomatoes

250 ml jar as shown, $15


These incredibly delicious biscotti will leave you craving for more and belive me if I say “One is never enough”! Availble in a wide variety, options and packaging choices.

  • Cherry – Hazelnut
  • Vanilla Tradizione
  • Chocolate – Espresso
  • Chocolate – Almond
  • Rosemary – Pecan
  • Romano – Sesame – Pine Nuts

Where appropriate, specify white or dark chocolate dipped as an option.

Six Biscotti Gift Wrapped

Six Biscotti, elegantly Cello wrapped, from $12

Biscotti in Tin

Biscotti Tin, 240g approx., from $20

Single Biscotti

Individually wrapped Biscotti, from $2, exclusively available at Julie Moore Spa

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