Food, Drink and Gourmet related Domains for sale..

Below is an updated list of premium food, drink or gourmet related domains from my inventory.

All these domains are currently listed for sale on SEDO. SEDO will act as the facilitator and broker. These are all premium domains and the prices are extremely reasonable. The prices are negotiable but in the event that expected minimum prices are not reached by direct negotiation, the domains will be put up for auction.

Below are approximately 15 domains listed in alphabetical order.

Two links are provided for each domain. The first link is to the domains landing/parking page, the second link leads to the domain’s listing on SEDO.

Landing Page Sedo Link ***SOLD*** ***SOLD*** (see below) ***SOLD***

How do we know our domains are premium domains?

Here is why:

  • I sold last year for $US 5000.00
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