Sommelier Services

Arranging a corporate event, private party or wedding can prove intimidating and overwhelming. There is a myriad of detail to consider not the least of which is the selection of wines to be served at the occasion.

  • What are the most appropriate sparkling wines or Champagnes to be served at reception or as aperitif?
  • Which wines will pair best with the various foods, dishes, courses, desserts or cheeses that may be served?
  • How do I determine the most balanced selection given the wide variety of palates or preferences of the guests or attendees?
  • How much do I order of each selection?
  • How can I shine with my limited budget?

These are just some of the questions you will face and the degree of competence with which you can address these issues will to a large extent determine the success of your event.

For more information and pricing on this service, please email “The Sommelier” with your details.

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